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    1. Mood Walks

      Mood Walks is a provincewide initiative that promotes physil activity in nature, or “green exercise,” as a way to improve both physil and mental health. Led by the nadian Mental Health Association, Ontario, in partnership with Hike Ontario and Conservation Ontario, Mood Walks provides training and support for community mental health agencies, social service organizations and other community partners to launch edutional hiking programs, connect with lol resources, find volunteers, and explore nearby trails and green spaces.

      Promoting physil and mental wellness 

      Mood Walks is designed to encourage and support the mental and physil health of participants through exposure to the healing effects of nature, participation in physil activity and engagement with their community. Participants, such as those at risk of or experiencing mental health difficulties and social isolation, n benefit from participating in Mood Walks.

       Walking/hiking is a fun and low-cost activity and research shows that being in nature has signifint positive effects on both physil and mental health. Green exercise n alleviate primary symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as secondary symptoms such as low self-esteem and social withdrawal. Building life skills and developing a sense of self-efficy are great ways to foster positive mental health. Group activities such as the Mood Walks program n promote social interaction and provide opportunities for peer support. 

      Community Partners & Volunteers
      Interested in becoming a community partner or volunteer? Please email [email protected] for more information on how to get involved!


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